Friday, September 16, 2011

Week 8- Little helping hands

Our service this week was not planned but so sweet to behold. We were at our local superstore and I had stopped to chat with an old friend and her kids. While we were talking one of her kids accidentally knocked over a huge 3ft tall barrel full of Wrigleys chewing gum. Hundreds and hundreds of packs of gum went cascading across the floor, blocking 3 different aisles. It was quite a sight. My 2 older kids jumped in and began helping our friends 2 kids pick up the gum. An employee radioed to the back for a cleanup on aisle 4.  I watched in amazement as 6 other children quickly joined in, happy to help.  With 10 little hands working together we were done before the cleanup crew even arrived.

I love how eager and willing children are to serve. It doesn't matter if they know you or not. At what age did service become a chore?  I have to admit that sometimes when I think of serving I feel a little putout and don't always have the best attitude, but once I am immersed in helping I always feel like I am the one being blessed.

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